Running a B & B…While working a part time job

Challenges of Running a B&B While Working as a Pharmacy Tech Part Time

phamacy techPeople who engage themselves in two simultaneous jobs or starting a business while working are usually trying to make financial ends meet or build experience in a particular industry. If you run a bed and breakfast while working as a part time pharmacy technician, you are faced with many obstacles and challenges. It started with taking exams, reviewing the PTCB study guide again and again.These must be taken into consideration so you will be able to evaluate yourself and see if you can reasonably handle the responsibilities. There are 5 major challenges of running a B&B while working as a pharmacy tech part time and managing them include…


When your work schedule is inconsistent, it poses a major problem in running your business and even to your health. You need to consider the travel time from your home to your workplace and the number of hours that you actually work. Sometimes, you may even be required to work overtime or as an on-call. If possible, try to find a job near your house. It will save you time on traveling and will save gas expense.

Handling Relationships

Being in a relationship and working while running your business can cause severe strains in your relationships with your family and your friends. You need to maintain open communication with the people around you so they will understand your situation and support you. Whenever you have the chance to spend time together, make the most out of it.

Pill Box


Handling a business and a part-time job may cause problems with your employer and restrict hours spent on your business. Most employers are very particular when their employees have other commitments. Your boss may need you to work overtime but you also need to be home to manage the business, as nobody else can do it. It will create a conflict and affect your relationships at home and in the workplace. Make sure that you do not run into a conflict of interest as it may become the cause for poor performance or friction in your working relationships. 

Hotel Lobby

Stress and Burnout

Engaging in two jobs can greatly affect your health. It will make you tired, rundown and sleep-deprived. You may not even have time to exercise, socialize, and eat healthy. Running your B&B business means you to clean the rooms, do the laundry, go to the market, manage the financial aspects, entertain your guests and manage your family. Your job will also need you during work schedules, sometimes during company events and other things that your boss may ask you to do beyond your working hours. 


In order to minimize stress and keep you healthy and productive, you must be able to evaluate and balance the time spent in your work, in your business, and in your personal life. Always seek the support of your family and friends. No matter how busy you are, eat a healthy diet and always find time to exercise even for just 1 hour every day. Try to find fulfillment, contentment and joy in your work as you handle your business.

Time Management

The major constraint in running a B/B and is that you will have less time for everything – your family, your personal agenda, your health, your friends, and yourself. Sometimes, you find it hard to say no to your boss while your business badly needs your presence. 


You may ask for a fixed work schedule with your pharmacy tech part-time job, maybe 4-6 hours each day. You also need to learn to delegate tasks to your employees or to the household members so you do not have to do everything on your own. When you learn to trust the people around you, you will have more time to do other things and to spend time with your family.

These challenges of running a B&B while working as a pharmacy tech part time can be handled if you know how to manage your time, delegate tasks, and are committed to working two jobs within your capabilities.


How To Have Great Workouts While Running A Hotel

image of jan using a pre workout to exercise 1

Great job, Jan!

It’s no secret that running a Bed and Breakfast hotel is a time-consuming job. Things have been moving at a lightning pace since Jan and I took over this place (see my post about trying to have a part-time job through this process).

I can’t believe we haven’t written a blog post since September 28th! It’s both disappointing but part of the harsh reality of the lives we’ve created. Don’t worry, we are working on hiring the right people to make this a lifestyle that works for us.

This post is going to talk about the progress we’ve made in giving us more free time. About six months ago, Jan and I realized that our health was suffering. That will happen when you work 16 hour days with no breaks. I hit a breaking point and realized we needed to make space for exercise.

It started off slow for us, but we soon realized the benefits. We instantly felt less stressed and we were overall both happier.

The Transition

We decided that we would leave the hotel one hour earlier every day. No, we didn’t decide to workout late at night, but the extra hour put us to bed earlier. The earlier sleep time allowed us to wake up one hour earlier and start our workouts.

image of the stress of running a hotel 1

Yes, we have been stressed!

My workout

I’ve always enjoyed jogging (when I had the time) and started with some light jogs. I used to be able to run about three or four miles without a problem, but I knew that was too ambitious at first.

I decided that I would stay committed to 30 minutes, but allowed myself to walk when needed. The first runs were done at a slow pace. I would jog about half the time; the other half I would walk. The key factor is that I did not overdue it, which has allowed me to continue the workouts for weeks.

Fun tip: I started using a cool exercise tool called Map My Run ( It opens up a map of your residence area. From there, you can draw a map of where you intend to run; it’s the perfect way to measure how far you are going.

Jan’s Routine

Jan will admit that her transition into an exercise program wasn’t as smooth as mine. While we won’t go into detail, Jan has always struggled with her energy levels and recovery. It’s a testament to her mental toughness that she is able to work these long days with me at the hotel.

image of elliptical that jan uses 1

Jan exercise equipment of choice!

Jan decided that she would need something to jolt her into a workout mode. Her first thought was coffee. It seemed logical, but it turns out we drink too much for it to make a difference. Jan would wake up and drink a cup of coffee hoping that it would push her to exercise; that didn’t happen as she was only able to workout for five minutes (elliptical machine).

Jan was determined to make exercise a part of her day. She started searching and stumbled upon protein powder. At first, she was hesitant because they were targeted to male gym-goers looking to get buff.

It wasn’t until she stumbled upon protein powder specifically designed for women that she pulled the trigger. She found the Jay Robb brand. The great part is that the protein powder formula is designed for women; there are no ingredients that promote bulking up.

It’s hard to state the impact the protein powder had for Jan. I remember it clearly: She woke up and mixed her first protein powder drink. After about five minutes, Jan was full of energy! It also helped her on recovery days. Protein powder for women is formulated to aide is muscle recovery.

She was able to complete a 30 minute session and has never looked back. I’m so proud of her (and me too).


It’s been a full 90 days since we started the workout routine. I’m happy to say that we have both been able to stick with the plan. Again, we’re leaving the hotel one hour earlier. This allows us to wake up one hour earlier and complete our workout.

While I was able to workout without supplements, Jan has been using protein powder designed for women only. She has been able to exercise for 30 minutes straight (for 90 days!).

What’s Next?

We are looking for new ways to reduce our hours. I was able to find the time to write this blog post (that’s a positive sign). The biggest thing we can do is let go of every aspect of the business. We are both guilty of not letting other people help us.

The business is solid enough where we could hire another employee (part-time). The problem is that we are not experienced as managers. We fear that we will be unable to trust them (yes, we are the micro-managing types).

We hope to be back on the blog soon. Thanks for tuning it!

The Seasons in Minnesota

From summer parks to winter ski trails, Minnesota is such a vibrant and varied city that visitors and locals alike have plenty to do all year around.

The breadth of things to see and do make the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ a perfect vacation destination. Here are the best things you can do in each season in the city.

Summer – Wild Mountain

This park is an essential stop if you are going to be visiting MN during the summer months. It’s an even better vacation spot if you have a family because of the vast array of activities on offer. The park boasts several huge waterslides, an artificial slow river and play area for kids but there is plenty on offer if have an aversion to water. You can race your friends and family on the track with go-carts, enjoy a picnic in the summer sun or hurtle down a 600-foot long alpine slide. If that’s not enough, there are also several courts for volleyball, kayak rentals and boat tours of the St. Croix River.

Autumn – Great River National Byway

Natives of the city will tell you they don’t like hot weather and also cold weather too. That makes fall a perfect time to visit when locals throw the majority of activities in the local area. But if you’re the type that likes Adventure Tours On A Budget, the best way to enjoy MN during these months is a quiet trip down the Great River National Byway. You’ll be able to observe fall’s spectacular changing scenery by packing up the car or your bike and travelling along the scenic byways. The path follows the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca State Park all the way to the southern border of the state. It also cuts through the Chippewa National Forest and the agricultural plains of central Minnesota

Winter – Brainerd Lakes

The best spot to head to in during winter is the Brainerd area, featuring a number of cross country ski trails, lakes (including the world’s largest charitable Ice Fishing Contest), and winter events that everyone will enjoy, young and old. One of the main attractions however is the snowmobile trips up the Paul Bunyan Trail to Pequot Lakes for something called the Antique Snowmobile Rendezvous. If you are a down hill ski and snowboard enthusiasts, Ski Gull is perfect for any family outing.

Spring – Canoeing

The nickname of Minnesota may be the ‘Land of 10,000 lakes’ but there are actually 11,000 lakes in the area with 90,000 miles of shoreline. That’s more than Hawaii, Florida and California combined. So spring is the perfect time to take a canoe out and enjoy the stunning natural scenery surrounding the city. If you’re really brave, you can jump into the icy waters during spring for the Minneapolis Polar Bear Plunge.

Why Comfortable Beds are Important for a B&B


Sleep is a wonderful thing. During sleep, our bodies are able process information, repair blood vessels, and even increase metabolism. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, but many of us get, on average, six. To remedy this deficiency, thousands of Americans travel to Bed and Breakfasts each year for a relaxing week or weekend.

Bed and Breakfasts offer a respite from the daily hassles of traffic, chores and work. As the hosts of visitors to these comforting escapes, bed and breakfast owners should take great care to ensure the quality of accommodations for their guests. While a cozy and quaint atmosphere is certainly conducive to relaxation, innkeepers must consider the basics of their business, namely bedding.

Because travelers seek a restful retreat when choosing a bed and breakfast, they will often search reviews of accommodations at their destination. The majority of reviewers will show leniency when discussing factors such as hospitality, desk hours and decor, but will be absolutely honest about the comfort of the beds offered. This is why it’s extremely important for the owners of bed and breakfast accommodations to choose comfortable mattresses and bedding for their rooms.

Bedding selection is important for bed and breakfasts for a number of reasons. Imagine planning a romantic weekend getaway for you and your spouse. You arrive at your destination and are greeted by a friendly staff amidst charming, rustic decor. Your host takes your bag and guides you to your room, where you are presented with a basket filled with scones and champagne. Everything is perfect. Until you lie on your bed. As your body hits the hard mattress, a waft of odor is released. The smell of mildew and body odor assaults your nose, and you know that your weekend will not be as relaxing as you’d originally hoped. After an uncomfortable weekend, your back is sore, your joints ache, and you feel less rested than when you’d arrived.

Now, imagine the review you’d write. The internet is an excellent resource for travelers seeking accommodations, but is a certain way to lose business when unhappy guests share their experience.

The bedding you choose should reflect the reviews you want written. There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing mattresses and bedding. To begin, choose a mattress that is soft, yet firm. A mattress with too much “give” can cause sore muscles and back pain, as well as neck pain for your guests. A mattress which is too firm will be reviewed as hard, and can be as uncomfortable as sleeping on a carpeted floor.

Secondly, choose a mattress which can be both turned and flipped. Flipping a mattress allows for more even wear of the internal springs, and prevents bowing and dipping of the shape of the mattress. While pillow top mattresses appear soft, only one surface of the mattress can be used. You can reverse the mattress head to toe, but can not flip it over, giving your mattress a shorter life. Memory foam mattresses are also not recommended for this reason, but additionally memory foam can become brittle when exposed to liquid.

Choose a mattress which can be steam cleaned, or treated in some other way. Stain resistant mattresses are a good idea, but the smells of mildew, mold or body odor will be a certain turn off to your guests. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the frequency of the cleaning of your mattresses.

Finally, as with the mattress itself, your sheets, pillows and comforters should be easily cleanable. Down comforters are soft and appealing, but generally require dry cleaning, an additional expense and hassle for which you may not have the time or budget. Sheets should offer a high thread count, and be made of cotton or other durable material. Silk and satin are not recommended; while soft, they stain very easily, even from sweat, and will appear and smell extremely unattractive in very little time. Pillows should be machine washable, as most states will require that you wash pillows after the departure of each guest.

The bed and breakfast that you’ve been dreaming of is charming, comfortable and decorated in a style which suits your personality. Your hospitality and generosity are apparent, and your smile is the first sight greeting your guests. You’ve done all you can to ensure that your bed and breakfast appears welcoming and relaxing. Take care that your guests feel refreshed and relaxed upon checkout by providing them with the most clean and comfortable beds possible. Your reviewers will thank you.




Top Barbecue Restaurants in Minnesota

I grew up in Minnesota, and one thing I know is that we love our BBQs. It doesn’t matter if we’re sitting at the local BBQ joint smelling the smoke coming in from outside, hanging around in our own backyards, or standing around the back of an open pickup truck tailgating at the game – great BBQ makes us happy!

If you are the type who prefers smoking up your own yard, you can go here to read more on great ways to do just that. If you prefer to have your BBQ served to you (basket and all), check out our recommendations for some amazing options throughout the state.

Big Daddy’s BBQ in St. Paul provides down-home southern style BBQ with simple window service. Locals rave about the beef and pork ribs. You also can’t go wrong with the shredded chicken. Don’t forget the cooked collards and baked beans to complement any of the above. Lastly, if you aren’t afraid to challenge your grandma, the potato salad will give her recipe a run for her money!

Bob’s Smoke Stack Ribs in Elgin has been called the best BBQ shop in the state. The owner, Bob Lewis, grew up in Arkansas and brought his southern skills right along with him to MN. Bob serves up fall-off-the-bone succulent meats, and also knows how to not overcook the greens. Try the green beans as a great alternative to collards. Comfort food at its best!

Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque in Stillwater knocks your socks off with the food and gets your (now bare) feet moving with the music. Smalley’s brings Jamaican influence to the menu, and you won’t be disappointed with the flare of Caribbean spices dancing with your taste buds. Try the coal-roasted pork shoulder, or, if you’re adventurous, the 666 Wings with a side of “Death Sauce.” Just see if you can handle the heat! On most weekend nights, you can take that hotness to the dance floor and work off those well-worth-it calories.

Louie’s Bucket of Bones in Ironton is a place you have to check out just because of the name. It’s got to be good (or at least adventurous), right? It’s true: It’s worth getting in your car and driving to this little town in the Iron Range to taste the wares. The owner hails from Italy, but brings in a St. Louis style to his ribs – not drowning in sauce, but flavorful of their own right. If this place ever moves to the Twin Cities, the other BBQ joints need to be afraid… be very afraid. Locals and travelers alike bustle for a seat at one of the five tables in this tiny place and order up pulled chicken or pork sandwiches, catfish, fried chicken and, of course, ribs. Get in your car. Go. Now! You won’t be disappointed!

Ted Cook’s 19th Hole BBQ in Minneapolis brings us back to the Twin Cities for our last review. This family owned hole-in-the wall has been here since 1968. You can’t go wrong with the split roasted chicken, and locals say the ribs are so hot and saucy that they take some work to eat, but that it’s well worth the sweating brow! Ted’s is a great place for take-out, and with screaming good prices, you can invite the neighbors over, too!

Speaking of screaming deals, if you want to make your own finger-licking BBQ at home, you can get the best electric smoker under 100 dollars here. Happy barbequing!

A B&B With a Premium Gym

A few weeks back, I needed a break. Work had begun to cripple me mentally. I had begun to get agitated at the smallest of things being in a very irritable mindset. I was even yelling at my dog for farting and giving my girlfriend a hard time when she didn’t deserve it. (My how the tables turned for a change on that count for a change! 😉 )

In any case, I knew I needed a retreat –  a time to meditate and clear my mind. Some times one needs to defragment their brain and give themselves a rest, or they are driven to the point of insanity. Luckily, a good friend of mine had the perfect solution.

Apparently my friend knew of a great place we could all rent, make a weekend trip away from our wives, kids and girlfriends, just a group of us 5 childhood friends to catch up, reminisce, go hunting and fishing, and relax comfortably at a bed and breakfast that even had a gym in them, an arcade (yea we’re all still immature), a bar…it was a great get away!

We had a lot of fun in the arcade, with games ranging from Mortal Kombat and Golden Axe to Pac Man and Q*Bert. We got into a debate on which character would win in a fight, Pac Man or Q*bert. It was a tough decision – both puzzle based games featured protagonists of simplistic design, and enemies of even simpler design. We eventually decided they’d team up to win the Mortal Kombat tournament using the Golden Axe.

After the arcade we hit the gym. I can’t say the gym was as spectacular as my home crafted one – I just recently bought the best inversion table 2014 and have long had the best rowing machine for home use. But this gym was still pretty well stacked with awesome equipment, and had one of the best shake bars I’ve ever been to in a gym. The delicious chocolate and raspberry mixture had glutamine, creatine, and protein in it, and it only put me back $2! I couldn’t believe how cheap it was, considering a muscle milk is more than that, and it’s been sitting in a cardboard container for months.

We later ended up going hunting and fishing, to catch ourselves a great supper. Although we couldn’t find any deer or bucks, we actually ended up catching quite a bit of salmon, descaled them ourselves and feasted all weekend. Needless to say, after my adventures with my old-time friends, I returned home to my loving dog and girlfriend, much happier and revitalized.

Sunscreen and Aging

Many of our visitors are quite surprised about the amount of sun we get around here in the summer! It’s very bright – brighter than you would expect.

Did you know that wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is the single most important thing you can do prevent premature aging and keep your skin looking younger longer? Some people think that just using a bb cream for oily skin will be enough. I’m sure many of you have heard this mantra before, however even though this fact is well known, plenty of people out there today still do not choose to include sunscreen in their daily grooming routine. Many people probably do not know exactly why sunscreen is so important, aside from the obvious things like harmful UV rays. But if you live in a climate that isn’t tropical you may think that you’re not getting an over exposure of rays anyways and so you could just skip this.

Well all of these preconceived assumptions are wrong, and listed here are the main reasons why.

Just Because You Don’t Burn, Doesn’t Mean You’re Skin Isn’t Damaged

You are exposed to the sun every single day, many times when you are not expecting it. Whether it’s the rays that hit your face as you drive your car, or come through the window at your home or workplace, the sun’s rays are everywhere and your skin is constantly feeling them. Even though you don’t burn, those rays are still causing you damage. A study conducted on people in their mid forties who were not regular sun screen wearers, concluded that the side of their face that was most exposed to the sun during driving was considerably more wrinkled and damaged than the other one. It has also been shown that up to ninety percent of aging is caused by external factors, mostly sun exposure, which means that protecting yourself from the sun could be the most powerful way to keep yourself young.

Protecting Collagen and Elastin

It is well known that collagen and elastin are what keep your skin looking young. In your twenties your skin has plenty of this and is therefore supple, tight and smooth. However as you age your percentage of collagen decreases slightly every year, and it is for this reason that skin care companies frequently market products that are designed to replenish this lost collagen in your skin. But one of the big contributors to decreased collagen is the sun, specifically UVA rays, which penetrate deeply into your skin and cause damage to it’s collagen and elastin.

You Don’t Need to Burn to Get Vitamin D

Ever read a tanning salon advert? Almost all of them will tout the benefits of vitamin D for your health, and claim that their beds which emit UV rays can increase your levels of vitamin D significantly. Well great, that does happen to be true, but just because there is one good effect of UV exposure does not override the fact that are still considerably harmful effects to sun and tanning bed exposure. Vitamin D is important but to get adequate levels of it in your body, you don’t need to bake. Just take a thirty minute stroll outside with your arms and face exposed (wearing sunscreen of course) or take a daily vitamin pill to get an adequate amount. If tanning is what you want however, then just switch to a self tanner, there are plenty of them out on the market, which really means that you have no excuse to bake in the sun or the salon.

Where To Get Sunscreen and What Types to Use

The most important thing to remember when selecting a sunscreen to buy, is to make sure that it is broad spectrum and covers both UVA and UVB rays. It is best to get one that is at least spf 15 or higher for adequate protection. Today sunscreen is present in many other products such as foundation, daily moisturizers or even lip sticks, so choosing one is very easy. Foundation is actually a great place to find sunscreen as most brands today are spf equipped. Tinted moisturizers for those who require a simple routine are great all in one products that contain all the benefits of  a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all in one little tube. More full coverage foundation for those requiring extra correcting, also frequently come equipped with a  decent broad spectrum spf  that can help you to protect your skin without investing in too many products. Either way whichever you choose, always remember that in twenty years time, your skin will thank you for your choice to wear sunscreen.

Healthy Breakfast

Great Breakfast for a Bed and Breakfast

Who doesn’t like to stay in a lovely little bed and breakfast? It’s different it’s comforting, and it’s a nice feeling being pampered a bit. Of course it’s always better when the food is to die for, and in today’s world we all know the importance of eating healthy. This is why it’s important that when you stay in a bed and breakfast you always make sure that it’s got plenty of good food in advance.

And while the traditional breakfast are always comforting, you know bacon and eggs, pancakes, that sort of food is always great, but nothing beats a nice fresh juice to start your day. Juices are great because they are cleansing, full of vitamins and nutrients, and extremely energizing. Fresh juice is also very refreshing not to mention delicious, you can also count that any bed and breakfast that offers fresh juice is an establishment of quality and will deliver you a memorable experience all the way through.

Masticating juicers are a great way to extract all of the healthy healing benefits of fruits and vegetables while creating a fresh delicious full bodied taste. While your standard fresh squeezed juice is always great, you miss out on a lot of vital nutrients that a masticating juicer is able to extract delivering you a superior quality juice to jump start your day and give you the wonderful energy that a good juice provides.

If you haven’t had much fresh juice in your life, there are really not many words that can describe to you how different and wonderful a cup of fresh juice is. Besides the delicious taste of fresh juice there is a certain home style taste and comfort to it all that adds to the already great experience of staying at a bed and breakfast. And for those of you who have never stayed at a bed and breakfast, it’s simply a must and will change your life as well as give you a different appreciation for their quaint comfort that always tends to remind me of a nice stay at grandma or moms house.

After a decent stay in a bed and breakfast, hotels typically tend to become a thing of the past, and most people realize that you don’t have to travel across the globe or pay an outlandish amount of money to have a nice relaxing weekend to effectively help you recharge your batteries after the standard grind of daily life.

To put it simply and humbly, bed and breakfast offer amazing experiences and should never be overlooked by anyone looking to relax and be pampered for a change. For those of you in Minnesota, it’s highly recommended that you try a stay at the Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota for some wonderful service and or course delicious fresh squeezed juice in the mornings. You will be extremely happy, happily relaxed, and ready to get back to your everyday life with new vigor and an energized bounce to your step.

Vacation Food to Remind you of Home

One of the many joys and purposes of travel is to go to new places, to see and discover new experiences, and to taste all sorts of different foods that you wouldn’t be able to try if you were at home.

However, it is really common for people that travel for an extended period to get quite homesick. Being homesick is a phenomenon that can have a significant mental and physical impact on you, so it is best not to fight it but to have some strategies ready to combat it.

These strategies are also particularly important if you are traveling with young children who might not be able to clearly articulate when they are feeling homesick.

It is important not to underestimate the importance of food in our lives. There is a lot more to food than just giving us the sustenance and nutrients that our body needs, it plays quite a psychological and social role in our lives as well.

If you are traveling to different parts of the world where the food that is available is quite different to what you are used to at home this will at first be tremendously exciting and fun, but you may find after a while that you start to crave just something simple and familiar, some sort of little treat from home that lifts your spirits and enables you to carry on with your travels.

The treats from home that will help lift your spirits will probably vary for everyone – for some people it is as simple as a cup of tea, or a chocolate bar – for me it is bread.

One of the most common things that we all eat with a lot of meals is bread, and bread is generally available in some form or other wherever you travel. This simple combination of flour dough and water is acknowledged as one of the world’s oldest food staples.

While the core recipe may be incredibly simple, the extraordinary variations that you can make with bread are staggering – shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors can all be varied and each region has evolved their own style of bread making. Other variations include when bread is served and how it is eaten. It can even play an important role in religious and cultural ceremonies.

But it is funny how we all seem to get quite used to the specific styles of bread – whether you start your day with a baguette, some brioche, or a simple piece of toast, bread can be an important touchpoint in your day to day lives, one that you will soon begin to miss while on your travels.

I am a big fan of the electric bread maker that I have at my home – every morning when I wake up it has prepared a perfectly baked loaf of bread with which I can happily start my day.

I realized that my love of this bread maker was getting a bit out of hand when I was away on holidays recently and there were some Panasonic bread maker reviews featured in the local paper that I was reading. I looked at the dark rye bread that I was trying to chew through over breakfast and a little tear rolled down my cheek, wishing I was at home in my kitchen, tucking into a freshly baked loaf of bread that was exactly as I liked it.

But moments like these are few and far between and we shouldn’t let a little homesickness spoil our hard earned holidays. Be prepared and pack a few emergency comfort food items into your suitcase. This will ensure that you can really embrace all of the fascinating local cultures and customers that you have travelled so far to experience first hand. Who knows, you might pick up a few local delicacies that you will want to take home and make part of your daily routine! Don’t pack a bread maker to take on your holidays though -that’s just being ridiculous.

Car Survival Kits for Summer and Winter

If you are doing a lot of driving, particularly in remote regions, then you should definitely consider carrying a survival kit in your car.

Why have a Survival Kit

Why would you carry a travel kit or a survival kit? It may seem unlikely, but think about the driving that you do on a daily basis, or perhaps you are planning a holiday or a trip that involves driving into unfamiliar territory. You might need food, like a protein bar or trail mix. It doesn’t happen very often, but if you break down somewhere where help or roadside assistance is a long way away, then you need to be prepared.

What is a Survival Kit

A survival kit or travel kit is just a package of the basic tools and supplied that you might need if you find yourself in an emergency situation. It really is just a bit of planning ahead. There is nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of the night and wishing that you had a torch with you. There is nothing better than being in that same situation and knowing that you have a torch packed in your survival kit.

Be Prepared for the Season

Your survival kit can vary depending on where you are traveling and what the potential dangers or risks might be. If you are with your car, then it is unlikely that your survival kit needs to be able to provide you with shelter, but you might need some supplies that will assist with first aid requirements, provide basic food and water, and provide a signal to rescuers (especially if you are somewhere that doesn’t have phone signal.

As a boy scout I was always told to pack a knife, matches, tinder, first aid, a bandana, fish hooks, sewing kit, and a torch. I’m not really sure what the bandana was for, but it was good to know that there was one available if we needed it.

Wherever I am driving to I always pack a bottle of water and a gluten free protein bar – even if I don’t break down, odds are that I will hit some traffic at some point and will be desperate for a snack of some kind.

Of course the contents of your survival kit will vary depending on where you are driving to and the weather conditions that you may be facing -what you need in your survival kit in summer is quite different to what you need in your survival kit in winter. In winter there will be an added focus on keeping warm – having a sleeping bag in the car is a good idea as well as practical items such as hand warmers. In summer your focus is more likely to be on sunscreen and carrying additional water to prevent dehydration.

Hopefully you will never need to use your survival kit, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

My Camping Trip – A B&B Adventure in Camping!

My adventure was a solitary one. I had first come up to the Bed and Breakfast in Narragansett, Rhode Island to find out if it would be a suitable place to take my wife on our anniversary. An advertisement in the place suggested an overnight camping trip and I was eager to go to the campground for a one night excursion. But first I had to get the right supplies, including a waterproof camping tent.

Purchasing Supplies

I drove the short distance to a sporting goods store. It was close by, between the campground and the B&B. I asked the cashier, all in a dither, to direct me to the most waterproof tent available. He took me there, and I selected one that promoted the ease of its assembly. It had flexible metal members to hold up the fabric that snapped in place.

Camping in the Rain

I drove myself off to the campground. It was beginning to look murky in the sky. I quickly grabbed the tent and began to try to set it up. Unfortunately, the metal rods would not cooperate with me. The dome like structure took shape, but the fabric pulled it down over my head. It was beginning to rain. Heavy drops of dense water started to coat my glasses. Not only would the tent not cooperate, but I was losing my ability to see.

Determined, I drove back to the sport supply store. After all, I pondered, this anniversary would include my loved one. So I demanded the best waterproof family tent, and quickly made my purchase. The receipt for the other tent was a wadded mass in my pocket, and I figured my nephew could figure it out, so I kept it. The cashier began closing up the store as I left, and darkness fell.

No Electricity

My wife and I had brought a lot of electrical goods thinking that the camp spot would supply it. Well, it turns out the camp site did not have electricity.

Here are the ways it affected us:

  • No shaving – not a huge deal for me. It just means I went Grizzly Adams for a few days. Once and a while it’s nice to relax and let it grow.
  • No epilating – while no shaving is okay for most males, not being able to epilate is a setback that will make most women cringe. An epilator is a type of shaver that some women use instead of a razor.
  • No charging phones, etc – our phone batteries died quickly and it left us without a source of music. Usually, we just connect them with our ITunes speakers. This was a little bit of a letdown as we tend to enjoy a good beat, especially when it’s our anniversary.

Overall, we did a great job of not letting the lack of electricity ruin our anniversary. We both kept smiles on our face and made the most of our hairy selves.

Running out of Time

Back in my camping space, I started again. The one side was easy, but I found out I needed a mallet to drive in the tent stakes. I searched ambitiously for a stone ore heavy stick. My shirt was sticking to my back. After twenty minutes of struggle I came to a conclusion. To set this tent up I would need three things I did not have. I would need help, tools and daylight. I was sure I would have all three the next time.