Catching the Big One!

On a recent trip with a group of family members, I had the both the best and the worst times of my life. During our trip we experienced many new and exciting things. One of which was our fishing trip down the river in the best fishing Kayak I have ever been in. One of the activities that we had chosen was to take a fishing trip down the river on kayaks. Problem was that I had no kayak. The search for the perfect fishing kayak was on.

Open or Closed Top Kayak

On my hunt for a kayak, I found that there are many types of kayaks to choose from. Each one offers the user a slightly different set of specifications to where the kayak will perform the best. There are kayaks that you can sit in with the top exposed, or there are models that completely enclose the lower portion of the body. The type of kayak for rafting in fast moving water where the water will be splashing a lot would be the enclosed model. For the type of outdoor fun that we were planning, we decided on the model that had the open top. The area that we were targeting to get to the big fish was located in a calm and quiet canal off of a larger river. Next decision was which open topped one to get.

Open Top Features

The makers of kayaks have thought of everything when designing these vessels for the enthusiast. This kayak has everything that you could need except for the fish. The one that I chose had a multitude of features like the side rails, storage space, a place to hang my live well, rod holders, plenty of leg room, and a comfortable seat. I quickly learned of the stability of this kayak when I ended up with two fish on at one time. I was not at all afraid of falling in despite my moving about, and I was able to land both fish! Over the next few hours we enjoyed paddling up and down the waterways and trying our luck in a variety of spots.

Buying a kayak to travel to the lesser visited parts of lakes and rivers is an excellent idea. Being able to go where the boater can not, lends itself to a great trip into the calm and tranquility of the great outdoors and possibly the catch of a lifetime.

Running a B & B…While working a part time job

Challenges of Running a B&B While Working as a Pharmacy Tech Part Time

phamacy techPeople who engage themselves in two simultaneous jobs or starting a business while working are usually trying to make financial ends meet or build experience in a particular industry. If you run a bed and breakfast while working as a part time pharmacy technician, you are faced with many obstacles and challenges. It started with taking exams, reviewing the PTCB study guide again and again.These must be taken into consideration so you will be able to evaluate yourself and see if you can reasonably handle the responsibilities. There are 5 major challenges of running a B&B while working as a pharmacy tech part time and managing them include…


When your work schedule is inconsistent, it poses a major problem in running your business and even to your health. You need to consider the travel time from your home to your workplace and the number of hours that you actually work. Sometimes, you may even be required to work overtime or as an on-call. If possible, try to find a job near your house. It will save you time on traveling and will save gas expense.

Handling Relationships

Being in a relationship and working while running your business can cause severe strains in your relationships with your family and your friends. You need to maintain open communication with the people around you so they will understand your situation and support you. Whenever you have the chance to spend time together, make the most out of it.

Pill Box


Handling a business and a part-time job may cause problems with your employer and restrict hours spent on your business. Most employers are very particular when their employees have other commitments. Your boss may need you to work overtime but you also need to be home to manage the business, as nobody else can do it. It will create a conflict and affect your relationships at home and in the workplace. Make sure that you do not run into a conflict of interest as it may become the cause for poor performance or friction in your working relationships. 

Hotel Lobby

Stress and Burnout

Engaging in two jobs can greatly affect your health. It will make you tired, rundown and sleep-deprived. You may not even have time to exercise, socialize, and eat healthy. Running your B&B business means you to clean the rooms, do the laundry, go to the market, manage the financial aspects, entertain your guests and manage your family. Your job will also need you during work schedules, sometimes during company events and other things that your boss may ask you to do beyond your working hours. 


In order to minimize stress and keep you healthy and productive, you must be able to evaluate and balance the time spent in your work, in your business, and in your personal life. Always seek the support of your family and friends. No matter how busy you are, eat a healthy diet and always find time to exercise even for just 1 hour every day. Try to find fulfillment, contentment and joy in your work as you handle your business.

Time Management

The major constraint in running a B&B and working part-time is that you will have less time for everything – your family, your personal agenda, your health, your friends, and yourself. Sometimes, you find it hard to say no to your boss while your business badly needs your presence. 


You may ask for a fixed work schedule with your pharmacy tech part-time job, maybe 4-6 hours each day. You also need to learn to delegate tasks to your employees or to the household members so you do not have to do everything on your own. When you learn to trust the people around you, you will have more time to do other things and to spend time with your family.

These challenges of running a B&B while working as a pharmacy tech part time can be handled if you know how to manage your time, delegate tasks, and are committed to working two jobs within your capabilities.


Viking Heritage in Minnesota

Minnesota Vikings: More than just Football

It’s common knowledge to anyone who follows the NFL that Minnesota’s team mascot is Viktor the Viking. What’s a little less well known is how deeply entrenched in Minnesota culture Viking heritage is.

The Vikings based themselves out of what is commonly known as Scandinavia, an area of northern Europe encompassing Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. During the 1800s and early 1900s many residents of this area migrated to the United States, spurred on by the availability of inexpensive land through the homestead acts. They settled especially densely in the northwest, including what would eventually become the state of Minnesota. When they set up their homesteads, they brought Viking culture with them- an influence which is still around today.

One of the most obvious of these cultural traits is the regional food. While Minnesotans certainly enjoy their hamburgers and french fries as much as any other US state, the region plays host to a few unique delicacies. One of these is lutefisk, which in popular folklore traces its lineage back to the Vikings themselves. Lutefisk (which means literally “lye fish”) is made of dry or salted whitefish soaked in lye. It has a gelatinous consistency and a generally mild taste. Lefse, a flat bread cooked on a griddle, is another regional dish with Scandinavian origins. It’s a versatile treat that can be eaten with anything from peanut butter to lutefisk.

Food is not the only Viking influence in Minnesota. In 1898, Olof Ohman claimed to have found a large stone with markings engraved in it while clearing his land. This slab, called the Kensington Runestone, became a source of intense controversy. It was believed to be evidence that Scandinavian explorers reached Minnesota in the 14th century. Although it has been largely dismissed by most experts in the field, residents of Kensington still strongly support its legitimacy. Even if it is a hoax, the tenacity of the local support clearly shows a desire to be connected to Viking heritage.

These are far from the only notable Viking influences in Minnesota. Organizations like the Sons of Norway and Hjemkomst Center exist to keep Viking heritage alive, and are great places to learn more about how deep the Minnesota Viking story goes.

Bed and Breakfast Tips for Minnesota

Bed and Breakfast Tips for Minnesota

Those choosing to travel through the fine state of Minnesota are likely looking for an interesting and appealing place to stay. There are certainly quite a number of excellent bed and breakfasts in the state. Travelers simply have to follow a few basic tips for booking a stay in one.

For one, you may wish to book your trip during the off season. Bed and breakfasts are commonly quite inexpensive. Booking at a time that is off the peak season could potentially lead to even greater savings on the booking.

Look for the more historic bed and breakfast inns. Minnesota is a state with a tremendous amount of history. Quite a number of the more quaint bed and breakfasts venues share much of this history. There are inns that date back 100 years. Some are even as old as 150 years and have had some extensive repairs. Our maintenance man has had to use the framing nailer more than once around here. These venues have quite an amazing history in their community and this history adds to the unique experience of staying in one.

An offbeat selection in a bed and breakfast can be a memorable selection as well. One of the more offbeat selections would be a bed and breakfast that is known for being haunted. Whether the inn actually is or isn’t haunted is something you might have to figure out on your own by experience. That makes the selection of the haunted inn really fun. Selecting a venue that is fun to stay at might be among th best tips that can be offered. So, try something offbeat and soak in the fun ambiance one can offer.

Pick a location where you are close to all the hot spots you wish to visit. Whether they are touristy in nature, historic, or even haunted, you do not want to have to travel to far to actually visit. Booking a bed and breakfast close to the places you want to go is always a good idea.

Following these simple tips just might make your experience staying at a bed and breakfast a lot more enjoyable.

Vacationing in the Midwest, Great Lakes Region

Great Lakes, Great Times

If you’re planning a vacation to the Midwest, make sure to include a visit to the Great Lakes region. There is so much to see and do, and something for everyone to enjoy.

In the mood for some deep-dish pizza or a Cubs game? The great city of Chicago offers a wide array of cuisine, sports venues, theater, and museums. If shopping the Magnificent Mile isn’t enough for you, make your way over to Bloomington, Minnesota and Mall of America with over 520 stores, 50 restaurants, and a score of other exciting attractions all under one roof.

Or maybe you’d like to escape civilization and spend a few hours surrounded by nature’s beauty. Head up to Tahquamenon Falls, which inspired Longfellow’s Hiawatha. Go hiking in Wisconsin during the Fall Color Tour. Watch a sunset from Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Sportsmen will find no end of opportunities for good fishing throughout the area — particularly in Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Charter a boat or bring your own and spend a day reeling in freshwater catch from bass to walleye. Not into fishing but want to get out on the water? There are several peaceful rivers perfect for kayaking and canoeing. Should you prefer being on dry land, grab your bicycle and make the Circle Tour of the Michigan coastline. During the winter months, explore cross-country ski trails and resorts. And if you’re more about the excitement of being a spectator, there’s always the famous Indy 500.

Florida isn’t the only place to go for amusement parks. Right on the edge of Lake Erie in Ohio you can find Cedar Point, home to some of the world’s best roller coasters. Near the Illinois-Wisconsin border is Six Flags Great America.

For festivals, nothing beats Frankenmuth for Oktoberfest. Hop a ferry to Mackninac Island for Lilac Festival. Put on your wooden shoes for Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan. Swing on back to the Windy City for the culinary extravaganza that is Taste of Chicago. Hang around for Lollapalooza or dance up to Milwaukee for Summerfest, the world’s largest music event.

With so much to explore and discover in the Great Lakes area, you might have to take more than one vacation to experience it all.

High Quality Amenities – Skin Care

NWV Lodgings – Stocking Skin Care Products

The fluctuations of weather and seasons can be seen as more of a detriment to one’s health, rather than a blessing. It can cause illness, discomfort, changes in mood, and even changes in appearance, especially for your skin. Being in a position of always needing to contemplate whether or not one should wear their hat for shade, sweater for keeping warm, or shorts and a t-shirt for staying cool can be quite a nuisance.

However, a great amount of today’s population are faced with the particular situation in their living atmosphere and setting. Such a scenario can be quite demanding on one’s necessities of up-keeping for their health and skin. Indeed, some would say with depletion in the ozone layer and global warming, products like the best dark spot corrector are only going to become more important, for their rejuvenating effect.

Sun Damage at the Beach

As the weather fluctuates, and an aspect of it contains a great amount of heat and sunlight, many individuals will notice that their skin will change just as drastically as the weather. Such changes may not be so attractive or pleasant. Long periods of sun and heat mixed with following days of cool and breezes can result in dry, patchy, and discoloration effects in one’s skin. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the individual is taking the proper steps of action towards maintaining their skin.

Stocking skin care products is essential for success in one’s establishment, ensuring that everyone is provided with an opportunity of keeping themselves looking and feeling good. One of the best dark spot corrector products on the market is Dermawand. One can compare its application technique to that of a touch-up paint job on a car. Except, the results of doing it themselves is probably much more advantageous.

No professional work is needed when attempting to balance out one’s skin pigmentation. Dermawand reviews show the product has been tested and proven to be safe and extremely effective in correcting one’s skin color. Dark spots and blemishes are nearly nonexistent after applying the solution of Dermawand.